• Send the product's info.
  • Upload layout files
  • Upload design files
  • Send a color reference
  • Print the sample

1. Send the Product's Information

- Provide information on sheet specification such as Thickness, Width, Height, Tin 1.0/2.8/5.6 etc, Hardness, CAL/BAF etc.
- Provide lacquer specification and printing number of color or any specified lacquer CAN maker wants.
Please email to : and

2. Upload Sheet Layout Files and Design Files

- If you want to print sample color proof or trial order, you should upload lacquer specification, metal specification, sheet layout, printing design data(lithography data).
Also, we need to check the color with your reference sample such as previously produced can, printed sheet, or color standard metal proof.
- You can upload your files by Dropbox( If you ask, we send email to you to share folder with our Dropbox.
You can resister free at Dropbox and share design files with KMP.
* Our Dropbox name is

3. Send a Color Reference

- Send color reference such as sample CAN, previous sheet or previous metal proof to below address via DHL, Fedex, EMS, etc.
* Address : 108, Haewian-gil, Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungnam, Korea